Monday, August 5, 2013

Together We Can Do Great Things! ATTEND STATE CONVENTION!!!

During the days of King David there “came a time for kings to go to war”.

The Generals and the men of the Israelite army were sent; they gathered and prepared for battle.  They won a great victory that season defeating their enemies and enlarging and securing their territory.  But, the account tells us, “King David remained in Jerusalem”, he stayed home!  (2 Samuel 11)

For whatever reason our once mighty King David has taken on a “let someone else do it” mentality. – Really!

We all know how the infamous ‘rest of the story goes.’  There has been a great deal of speculation as to why David stayed home; Matthew Henry says He was in a season of neglectfulness, he loved his time of ease, and self-indulgence played a part.  He mentions David used to pray three times a day but now was okay with dozing away the afternoon in idleness.
Soon it will be a time for our Washington COGOP to come together.  Make no mistake we have battles for which to prepare.  We depend on each other to join forces and strengthen each other.  The theme “Anointed for Service” is for each and every one of us. In telling of the above battle 2 Chronicles 20:1 says that Joab went forth with “the power of the army.”    It took the whole body of it to secure such a thorough victory.  YOU are a valued and vital part of the body of Christ, a member of a powerful army of believers whose time it is to come together to add to our war chest. YOU are anointed for service.  I assure you that this is not the season to “stay at home”.  Please plan now to attend the 74th Annual Convention August 23 -25 at the Red Lion Hotel, Kennewick, WA; reservation line at the Red Lion is 509-783-0611.  We’re all looking forward to seeing you there!
Carol Dillard
Stewardship Ministries Director

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