Thursday, October 6, 2011

Overseer's Insight: October 2011

Dear Saints:
During the month of September, Sister Shelly Symonds, State Youth Ministries Coordinator, sponsored the first ELITE weekend, a training seminar for those youth that are serious in wanting to learn more how to prepare for and fulfill the calling of God on their lives.  Bishop Knoblich taught on how you know you are called of God and how to be led by the Spirit.  Corey McBee taught some wonderful classes on prayer and the Word of God.  Sister Shelly gave some instruction on the history, vision, and mission of the Church of God of Prophecy.  The young people seemed to glean a greater appreciation of what it means to be a member in our church.   
Overall, it was a great time of training and instruction.  On Sunday morning, each of the young people presented with a 3-5 minute message/testimony.  Sister Shelly relates, "they all did would have thought that they had been publicly speaking for years...their content was great and they had scriptures with their testimonies."  Sister Shelly further stated that the ELITE weekend was a tremendous blessing for her in being able to share from her heart with our future leaders.  The young people were thankful for the weekend of instruction and asked when the next one is going to take place.  Thanks to Sister Shelly for putting together a great weekend of learning and inspiration to our next generation of church leaders!
Pastor Appreciation Month
The month of October is known as "Pastor Appreciation Month."  The Bible tells us in I Timothy 5:17, "Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor."  Double honor literally means "double pay."  This is a month to honor our pastors and the parsonage family.  How can we double our support to them?  We can demonstrate that  in our acts of kindness, in our giving, and in our prayers.   So, let the Lord impress upon your heart ways to "doubly" honor your pastor.  Let us go beyond what is normal and truly make it a special month for your parsonage family.
Adult Retreat
This year, as in past years, Adult Retreat will be held at Pacific Beach.  The dates are for February 3-5, 2012.  Our Retreat Theme is: "Designed For God's Greatness."  All of us are part of a wonderfully designed plan of God.  We are expecting an awesome time in the Lord!  International World Mission's Director, Bishop David Bryan and his lovely wife, Sister Rosita will be our special guest speakers at this year's  Retreat!   They both are so excited  to be with us.  Applications have been sent to the pastors and have been sent out individually.  You can also download an application by going to the State Website at:
Applications should be sent in no later than November 30th, 2011.  This is going to be a Great Retreat!!!  Please don't miss it!!!  We look forward to seeing you there!!!
Regional Ladies Retreat
As you learned at State Convention, the Regional Ladies Retreat will be held at the Red Lion at the Quay in Vancouver, WA on November 4-6, 2011.  This is the Retreat that is directed by Sister Cathy Payne, International Women's Ministries Director.  So, ladies, mark this date on your calendars and get ready for a Fantastic Retreat!
Events Calendar for 2011
October                              Pastor Appreciation Month
October 27-30                   Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - Kirkland Family Church
                                                (Church and Community - Dr. Eliana Runyon)
November 4-6                   Regional Ladies Retreat (Cathy Payne) - Vancouver, WA
November 11-13               Pastor's Wives Retreat - Cannon Beach, OR
"Driven By The Spirit"
Bishop/Dr. Don Knoblich

"Men of Honor" Men's Conference 2011

“Men of Honor”
1st Annual Men’s Conference 2011
Sponsored by New Horizons Church

Come join us for “Men of Honor” Conference.
November 12th, 2011 at 10:00am
Special Speakers:
State Overseer Bishop Don Knoblich
Bishop Frank Smith
Pastor Lionel Bickham
(Spanish translation will be available)

Location: New Horizons Church 2349 Main St, Washougal WA 98671
Cost of the Event is $10.00 which will includes a catered lunch
Please RSVP by email to:

Thoughts of Receiving from God's Abundant Wealth

In 2 Corinthians 9, it states if you sow sparingly you will reap sparingly and if you sow bountifully you will also reap bountifully. If you give freely, God will supply your needs, physically and spiritually. Friends, you know members in this church and in your community who has given honestly and freely to the Lord and God gives them more and more. Perhaps you’re one of those people who have learned the reality and truth about being a steward of God’s unlimited riches.

It is like going to the blood bank and you give your blood, a precious commodity. In 36 hours, you have that blood back. Your body reproduces it. God returns the blood that you gave in approximately 36 hours. (This is a wonderful illustration- Please take note that there are approximately 10 pints of blood in the average human body!) That is the way it is with God.  He may not return your giving to you within 36 hours, but He will return it with interest. 

Remember the rich young ruler in Matthew 19:21 that came to Jesus and Jesus said go sell all that you have and give to the poor and then you could come. People hear that and say, you mean you have to give all your money away? No, I do not think that is what it is saying. What He was saying is that there is something between you and me and it is your money. 

There was a slave one time that was a great Christian and he gave testimony to his master. One day his master came to him and said, "Whatever you have I want. You have such peace and contentment and joy.  How can I get this?" The slave answered, "Go to your house, put on your white suit and come down here and work in the mud with the rest of us and you can have it." He said, "What are you talking about? I could not do that. I am the master and you are the slave. That would be beneath my dignity." He then walked away angered with his slave. A few months passed and he came back to the slave and said, "I cannot resist asking you again. What is it that you possess and how can I have this?" He said, "I told you. Go put your white suit on and come down and work with us in the mud and you could have it." And he was furious again and stomped away. Finally, in desperation, he came again. "I do not care what it takes," he said, "I have to have that assurance that you live in. I'll do anything." The slave said, "Go put on your white suit and come down. Will you do that?" "Yes," Replied the master “I will do whatever it takes.” The slave said, "You do not have to." 

You see the point? He knew what was standing between the man and Christ - pride.   And that is all Jesus is saying. Until you are detached from your money you are separated from God because you cannot serve both. Giving is a matter of attitude. Remember what Solomon said? What is new? Nothing! The system of giving is the same. We learn what we choose to learn. Where is your treasure? What is really important to you? Giving is sacrificial. It is not the amount. It is what it costs you to give. Even when there is little there is much when God is in it.

Carol Dillard
Stewardship Ministries

Adapted from a sermon by:
Rev. Fr. William Chiganos
Holy Apostles Church
Westchester, Illinois