Friday, May 6, 2011

Overseer's Insight: May 2011

Dear Saints,
During the month of April we had our Ladies Retreat, Youth Convention, and Men’s Retreat.  Ladies Retreat was held at the Vancouver, WA Red Lion.  Sister Dawkins from Canada was the special speaker.  Ladies from Canada, Oregon, and of course, Washington attended the Retreat.  The theme of Retreat was “God Knows Your Name.”  Indeed, He does know our name and everything there is to know about us.  After all, He created us and formed us according to Psalm 129 before we even existed!  Much thanks to Retreat Director Sister Sherry Johnson and her staff for a great job and a blessed Retreat.

Youth Convention was held on April 15 and 16.  Pastor Rob Judd spoke on the Friday night session and preached on the theme “Fighting for the Great Life.” The Bremerton Youth Dance Team performed both Friday night and on Saturday. Also on  Saturday, there was a sermonette and a DVD with some group discussion.  Sister Shelly Symonds and her District Youth Leaders did a wonderful job preparing for the Convention.

Men’s Retreat on White Pass was held on the last weekend of April.  We were blessed by good weather and by a might presence of the Lord.  We were also blessed by the attendance of several of our Spanish-speaking brethren.  Our special speaker, Bishop Sam Clements, was not able to attend the Retreat due to the storms and tornadoes in the Southeast.  Though we would have enjoyed Brother Clements being with us, God apparently had other plans.  The Retreat Theme was on “Being Men Of Commitment.”  Messages were presented on being Men of Commitment and Men of Valor.  When Retreat ended, there were 2 saved, 8 delivered, 5 filled with the Holy Spirit, and 2 healed.  To God be the Glory!  Our thanks goes to Bishop Frank Smith, Retreat Director, and his dedicated staff. 

Upcoming Events

Senior Retreat
During the weekend of May 13-15 Senior Retreat will be held at the Washougal Salmon Falls Retreat Center.  It is my understanding that Brother and Sister Riley from Kentucky will be back this year as the special guests.  Please encourage all Seniors in your church to attend.  The messages, singing, worship, and fellowship are totally awesome.  Much thanks to Senior Director, Brother James Cabales, and the New Horizons Church for sponsoring this special Retreat. 

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Our next Gordon-Conwell Course (June 2-5, 2011 at Kirkland) will be Theology I as taught by Dr. Hector Ortiz.  Registration forms will be sent out soon.  Please remember that your registration form along with a $50.00 registration deposit is to be sent to Dr. Knoblich, one month in advance of the class, that is, by May 2, 2011.  The deposit will be credited to the tuition cost for the course. 

Washington State Convention
It is not too early for you and your church to begin planning for State Convention. This year, Convention will be held at the Red Lion in Kennewick, Columbia Center. It will be on August 19-21, 2011.  Dr. Hector Ortiz, International Director, Center for Biblical Leadership, will be our special guest speaker from the International Offices.  Dr. Alvin Padilla, Dean of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, will also be with us during our Graduation Ceremony for those graduating from the Diploma Program. 
Please make plans now to attend a glorious and spirit-packed Convention. I would encourage you and those in your church to call the Red Lion and make reservations as soon as possible, to be assured of a room.   Remember, last year, the rooms went fast.  When you call the Red Lion (509-783-0611), please tell them that you are with the Church of God of Prophecy to get the special group rate. 

Excerpts From State Overseer’s Annual Address
During the month of March we looked at how we are to incorporate “Shalom” in reaching the people.  This month we will expand upon our mandate of reaching people and breaking strongholds through the theology of Prayer.  Please read: 

V.  The Theology of Prayer
Jeremiah 29:7  emphasizes the importance of prayer for the city.  The Lord wants us to Pray for the Peace of the City.Prayer is strongly needed to live and work with the struggles that are present in the city.

How Powerful is Prayer?
In Eastern Europe, we have seen how the power of prayer brought down Communism.  It brought down the Iron Curtain.
The problem with Prayer for us is, generally we have confined it personal needs or individualistic concerns.  Our prayers have been “vertical” in nature, ones that transform us into the likeness of Jesus.
However, our prayers must go beyond the individual.  They must take feet. They must be directed outward.  Why?   Because sin and evil go beyond the individual.  Sin infiltrates systems, all types of social systems, whether they are schools, governmental agencies, political structures.  

All social structures and institutions have moral values associated with them, whether they are for good or evil.  When sinful and evil structures exist in society, those are the things we must pray against.   
The Scripture in Ephesians chapter 6: 11-13 tells us:
 11Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
 12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
 13Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
***This is not an Individualized scripture!!  This is not an Army of One!
This Scripture portrays how the whole Church should be armed as a Body together to fight against principalities and powers.

Even John 3:16 is not as much as an Individualized Scripture, as we have taken it!  The word “World” is translated as “Cosmos.”  This word is all encompassing and refers to the Redemption of the Universe, all social structures of humanity, the geo-physical world, the Entire Created Order!!!
(You see, all Creation will bow before HIM!!!)
We must realize that there is a fight for each City.  There are satan’s angels and God’s angels fighting over each city.  These angels infuse the systems and structures, people groups, and individuals of that city.
Each City has a particular spirit associated with it.  All cities are caught in a spiritual warfare, the forces of God and the forces of satan battle for the City’s soul.
The Evil One is out to control and destroy each city.
***Yet, in the shadows of that City, if we look hard, Stands One who loves the City and Weeps over it!!! 
“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! (Luke 13:34).
Jesus is saying the same to us today!!! 

One thing I want us each to realize:
In a city that has the potential of being seduced by satan and his angels, We are responsible before God and our fellow citizens in ways that contribute to making our city a City of God or allowing it to drift toward being a City of satan.
I believe there is more meaning to the scripture, “to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.”
Prayer changes the fate of Nations.  Prayer changes the fate of Cities.
Our Job:  Engage in Heavy Duty Warfare.
To bombard heaven with prayers, to tear down the Berlin Walls.
To take the City out of the grips of the devil.
To go to the Babylons of  this world and Seek for Peace, Pray for Peace.

I believe the Historical Statement by John F. Kennedy bears repeating:
Let’s not ask what our Country (City) can do for us, rather let us ask, what can we do for our Country (City.)
Be a Vital Part in Ministry in your City.  Work through your Church, volunteer,
Work to change things for the better.

Events Calendar for 2011
May 6-7                       Camp Focus/Workday - (Millersylvania) (Bob & Donella Gaines, Coordinators)
May 13-15                   Senior Retreat - Washougal (James Cabales, Director)
June 2-5                       Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary - Kirkland Family Church

                                    (Theology I - Dr. Hector Ortiz)
June 19-24                  Senior Camp - Millersylvania (Shelly Symonds, Director)
June 24-26                   Young Adult Camp - Millersylvania (Bill & Cindy Davison, Directors)
June 26 - July 1           Junior Camp - Millersylvania
July 1-2                       PeeWee Camp - Millersylvania
July 8-10                     Alaska State Convention -  Anchorage 
August 19-21              Washington State Convention - Kennewick
Sept. 22-25                  Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - Boise, ID
                                    (Introduction to Pentecostalism - Dr. Hector Ortiz)
Oct. 27-30                   Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary - Kirkland Family Church
                                    (Church & Community - Dr. Eliana Runyon)

“Seek Ye The Peace Of The City
Bishop/Dr. Don Knoblich

Local Church Report: Rivers Fellowship (Tacoma)

Among the highlights of April was a joint Good Friday service with Iglesia Promesa De Jehova, the Spanish-speaking congregation that shares our building.  We were blessed in a wonderful communion service as well as sharing a dinner together.

We are currently remodeling our ladies restroom in the sanctuary building and will have it ready to go for Mother's Day!  Several members contributed to the work and we applaud the shared efforts of our people.

We welcome Bill Thoms into formal covenant fellowship in the Body.  He was a part of our congregation many years ago and God has led him "back home."  We will also be welcoming another new member in May.

Local Church Report: KFC

The past few months have been busy ones here at Kirkland Family Church.  After the membership classes that were held in February,  in March nine members were added to our church body.  It was a beautiful service with such a sweet spirit!  Our State Overseer, Bishop Knoblich was with us that Sunday also and shared the Word with us. 

In April was Ladies Retreat and a lot of our ladies were blessed to attend.  It was a great retreat!  The guest speaker, Lucille Dawkins, did a great job!  The spirit was felt from the very beginning.  A big thanks to Sherry Johnson and staff for all the effort put into this retreat! 

There was a great turnout for Youth Convention held here at KFC!  Pastor Rob gave a good Word Friday evening.  The spirit ministered greatly to our young people! We got to see some youth worshiping the Lord in dance--they are very anointed.  There was fun and games--lots of group activities and pizza
for lunch.  Thanks Shelly and your team for putting together another awesome convention!!  You guys rock!!

Easter Sunday the church was packed!  It was a time of celebration!  The congregation shared in communion to honor the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of life!  After service there was an Egg Hunt for the children.  Our youth group helped hide the eggs.  It was a good time for everyone.  Thanks Rhonda for organizing this event!  There was a potluck dinner to complete this celebration.  Great food
and fellowship!  We are so blessed by the goodness of our Father!  Looking forward to all He has for us!