Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Overseer's Insight: June 2012

Dear Saints:

The month of May began with Spring Clean-up at Camp Roganunda.  What a great time was had by all that attended!  There was in excess of 75 people that represented 15 churches from over the State.  Some individuals from the Kiwanis Club were there to lend their assistance and expertise in that they have been  instrumental in working on this Camp for many years.  Young and old(er) worked together to get many projects completed.  All of the cabins were cleaned; the K-Lodge and Dining Room and Kitchen were thoroughly cleaned.  Brush and branch debris was raked and hauled away from the cabins and from the main trails.  Several dead trees were taken down (thank you Russ McLoud).  The pool house and swimming pool were in the initial stages of cleaning.  Several people worked on the plumbing and heating units.  Brother Bob and Donella Gaines did a great job in coordinating this cleanup effort.  Much was certainly accomplished as a spirit of unity prevailed over the Camp.  Several individuals have been coming up on the weekends and working in preparation for our Summer Camps.  A Big THANK YOU to all of our people who have been so diligent in getting the Camp ready.  There are still some more projects that need to be completed before Camp begins.  Any who feel like they would like to offer their assistance in getting the Camp ready, please contact Bob and Donella Gaines at 509-658-1013.

Also, during the month of May we had our Gordon-Conwell Seminary School in Kirkland.  The class was on Homiletics as taught by Dr. Padilla, Dean of the Hispanic Ministries Program, South Hamilton, Massachusetts.  We had 20 students attend.  They came from Jamaica, Bahamas, Canada, California, and Oregon.  I am sure that all of us learned how to be better ministers of the Word.  Much thanks to Kirkland Family Church in allowing us to have the School there.  Also, much thanks to Kaye Cabales for preparing some wonderful meals for the students. 

The month ended with the Senior Retreat at Washougal.  There were a good number of seniors at this year’s Retreat.  I have heard some say, that it was the best one ever!  The presence and power of God were felt at every service.  The worship times were spectacular.  Many needs were met among the attendees.  Special thanks to Brother James Cabales for directing our Senior Retreat.  Also, thanks go to New Horizons Church for sponsoring this event.

Yes, Summer Youth Camp is right around the corner.  Going from June 26th to July 7th, 2012, the new Campground will host the very first Camps of the Summer Camping Season.  This includes Senior Camp, Yakers Camp, Junior Camp, and PeeWee Camp.  Please do all that you can in getting your kids, grand-kids, and church kids to our Camp.  The spiritual enrichment that our youth receive will far outweigh any monetary costs that are involved.  Please do your part to sponsor our youth to Camp and make sure that they have a way to Camp.

It is not too early to begin planning for State Convention. This year, Convention will be held at the Red Lion in Kennewick, Columbia Center. It will be on August 17-19, 2012. Bishop Mark Menke, CBL Instructor, will be with us as our special guest speaker from the International Offices. Please make plans now to attend a glorious and spirit-packed Convention. I would encourage you to call the Red Lion and make reservations as soon as possible, to be assured of a room. When you call the Red Lion (509-783-0611), please tell them that you are with the Church of God of Prophecy to get the special group rate. There are lots of exciting things going on in the State, so come anticipating a great time together!  Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Events Calendar for 2012
June 24-29                  Senior Camp - Camp Roganunda (Shelly Symonds, Director)
June 29-July 1             Young Adult Camp - Camp Roganunda (Bill & Cindy Davison, Directors)

July 1-6                      Junior Camp - Camp Roganunda (Robert and Pam Murkerson, Directors)
July 6-7                       PeeWee Camp - Camp Roganunda (Ramon and Icela Maldonado, Directors)
July 6-8                       Alaska State Convention -  Anchorage
July 25-29                   International General Assembly - Louisville, KY

August 17-19              Washington State Convention - Kennewick

Sept. 13-16                 Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - Boise, ID
                                    (Foundations of Leadership)

 Oct. 25-28                   Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary - Kirkland Family Church
                                    (Theology Survey II)

 “Driven By The Spirit”
Bishop/Dr. Don Knoblich

Senior Adult Retreat: Memorial Day Weekend 2012

"The best one ever"...That is what is circulating among those who attended Senior Retreat over the Memorial Day weekend. Fifty eight folks gathered to "Lift Jesus Higher," which was the theme for the weekend. After a delicious meal Friday evening, we met in the chapel to worship the Lord. Our state Music director, Pam Murkerson, led us in worship each service. Director James Cabales ministered the word Friday night. Saturday morning Ruth Turner gave a great devotion on the fruit of the Spirit which was followed by a presentation from the Murkersons on the Santos project. A great weekend for all who attended and a special thank you to New Horizons Church for sponsoring this time.

Local Church Report: Kirkland Family Church

Folks here in Kirkland are excited about our new Campground and many have already made their way there to help get it ready for the Campers this summer.  Memorial Day weekend was a special time for KFC to spend the weekend there, tools in hand, helping. What a great job all are doing in this area and a special note of appreciation for all the hard work by our camp directors, Bob and Donella.

In the Month of May, KFC has hosted the Gordon Conwell School, which from all reports was a blessing to all who were able to attend.

Also during the month of May, KFC had a special time on morning service to honor our Senior Citizens. A very special program was directed by Kathy Johnson. Members of the congregation participated, sharing thoughts for every Senior. Good job, Kathy and all who helped. The service concluded that Sunday with our State Overseer, Bishop Don Knoblich, ministering the word.