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Overseer's Insight: April 2013

Dear Saints,
I trust that you and your family had a Blessed Resurrection Sunday!  For the first time in many years we experienced beautiful weather in the low 70’s.  It just seemed like the Lord was smiling down on all of us.  His Presence could certainly be felt.  I thought it might be nice to share a few Easter Sunday excerpts from the Pastors in our Region.  I found their comments to be powerful and uplifting.  Here are a few: 

-What a fantastic Easter weekend we had!  I counted 20 from our congregation that joined in the Good Friday service and it was wonderful.  As a whole, we estimate over 400 people united to honor the sacrifice of our Savior.  Our local gathering Sunday was amazing as well.  I trust you are living as Easter people every day!

-We had a wonderful time in the Lord on Easter Sunday! We had a powerful time in worship. We had 2 saved and 3 more rededicated there life to the Lord. Praise the Lord for His Spirit moving in our midst!

-Bishop.  There was a big celebration. We had an attendance of nearly 45 adults and children. Together we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. Pastor Ruben Aguilar preached and we rejoiced in the church.

-I believe in God and His promises.  Blessings are coming soon for this mission in Spokane.
(I thought it might be nice to share this submission by Alvaro Gomez, the pastor of our new Spokane Mission.)

 -Well we really had standing room only, one person counted 150 and we had several in the nursery.  The 5th Sunday of every month is youth Sunday and they put on a wonderful program.  We also participated in communion.  Several people mentioned what a good spirit they felt.  After service we had our egg hunt and potluck..Just a good day of celebration of our risen Lord and great fellowship.  We had so many people that I wasn't able to get around to greet everyone.   Now to keep in touch with them and get them back out.  Very exciting day!

-Dear Bishop:  Hope you and Sis. Knoblich had a wonderful Easter. We had 170 for Sunday morning service and there were three saved. My doctor and her husband came and gave their hearts to the Lord. We also had a wonderful communion service with our people.

-Brother Knoblich: We had a great Easter Service with 52 in attendance.   The presence of our Risen Lord was so very real.  We also had a potluck dinner following the service.  The whole day just seemed to be blessed.  We also have a new couple who have started attending regularly which has been a real blessing to us.

-Our service was outstanding as well, we had to resort to overflow seating, there were many visitors, an awesome spirit was in the house and the children did an incredible job with a special song as part of the service. We even had a good ole fashioned Easter egg hunt for the kids! It was great just walking around and talking with all the parents and seeing the expressions on their faces as they watched their own children enjoy festivities and learn about the Meaning of Easter. There were many new faces, people I have never seen before and others that just have not come in quite a while. As Pastor, I could not have asked for anything more, it seems God is always exceeding our expectations!

District Conventions
We had our last two District Conventions on Saturday, March 16 and March 23rd.  The first Convention was with Bishop Leonard Lord and his District on the East side.  Themes and messages centered around being Mission Minded, Knowing Your Enemy, and Beware of Distractions.    Sister Dora Gonzalez from Othello and Brother Alvero Gomez from our Spokane Mission preached stirring messages.  The Convention was well attended with representatives from most of the churches. Bishop Lord did a great job ministering the Word and moderating his first District Convention.

Bishop Roger Jones moderated the District Convention that was held at Kirkland Family Church.  All the presenters and State workers did a fantastic job.  Pastor Salvador Miron from our Spanish Kirkland Church preached a wonderful message and was able to share his testimony of how Jesus totally changed his life.  Bishop Jones preached on the promises contained in Psalm 91.  Not only are we sheltered in the Lord, we are made over-comers by treading upon the lion and adder, and by trampling under our feet the young lion and the dragon.  My, what power we have in the Lord!

Youth Convention
Be sure to mark your calendars for Youth Convention held at Kirkland Family Church, April 19-20th.  The Friday evening session is a general session for everyone.  Special guest speaker is Sylvia Staten.  Sister Sylvia has ministered in our Camps and Retreats in the past and has done an outstanding job.  You will be blessed by her ministry!  On Saturday, State Youth Ministries Coordinator, Shelly Symonds, has some wonderful events planned for the young people.  Among other things, there is going to be a dunk tank.  This sounds like fun for all, right?!  Please bring your Youth to District Convention, they will not be disappointed. They will be blessed by the Word, by the Worship, and by the Fellowship.  See you there.

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
On May 16-19, 2013 at Kirkland Family Church, we will be offering the course, “World Mission of the Church” as taught by Dr. Nolivos.  For those that are mission-minded, (and we all should have a mind for reaching those around us), this class will be instructional and inspirational.  If you would like to register, please notify Bishop Knoblich at

Washington State Convention
It is not too early to begin planning for State Convention. This year, Convention will be held at the Red Lion in Kennewick, Columbia Center. It will be on August 23-25, 2013. We are pleased to announce that Sister Kathy Creasy, International Children’s Ministries Director, will be our special guest speaker from the International Offices! You will definitely be blessed by her ministry.  Please make plans now to attend a glorious and spirit-packed Convention. I would encourage you to call the Red Lion and make reservations as soon as possible, to be assured of a room. The Red Lion has extended a special rate to us, $86.95/night.  When you call the Red Lion (509-783-0611), please tell them that you are with the Church of God of Prophecy to get the special group rate. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Events Calendar for 2013
April 5-7          WA State Ladies Retreat - (Vancouver Red Lion) (Sherry Johnson, Director)
April 19-20      Youth Convention - Kirkland (Shelly Symonds, Director)
May 16-19       Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary - Kirkland Family Church
(World Mission of the Church - Dr. Nolivos)
May 24-26       Senior Retreat - Salmon Falls Campground (James Cabales, Director)
                        Speaker:  Bishop Rick Bear
May 31-June 2 Men's Retreat - Camp Roganunda (Franklin Smith, Director)
Special Speaker:  Bishop Sam Clements
July 7-21         Washington State Youth Camps (Camp Roganunda)
August 23-25  Washington State Convention - Kennewick (Red Lion Hotel)
                        Special Speaker:  Sister Kathy Creasy

"Designed For God's Greatness"
Bishop/Dr. Don Knoblich

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