Monday, December 10, 2012

Stewardship in the Season of Giving

A special message to the "Chief Steward" (if you will) of your local congregation.

I recently read an article by Pastor Phil Elmore in which he encouraged pastors to teach regularly about the blessings of giving...

"...and not just when the church is in a pinch or it’s time for an annual appeal or a special need presents itself."

I thought how heartening it is for our members that our leadership is not shy in speaking of stewardship.

We in COGOP know January not only begins a new calendar year but it is the beginning of renewed commitment to stewardship and opening ourselves up to the blessings that the Lord has waiting for us.  Stewardship is not a one time special appeal for us; rather it is an ongoing way of life that is encouraged throughout the year with a special focus and reminders during January "Stewardship Month."

So while we are in the Season of Giving and keenly aware of the manifold blessings of generosity it might be a good time to remind ourselves and our congregations that planned, ongoing stewardship ensures continued blessings throughout the entire year.

May God Richly Bless all of you in this Wonderful Christmas Season.

Carol Dillard
Stewardship Ministries Director


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