Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Local Church Report: Kirkland Family Church

Folks here in Kirkland are excited about our new Campground and many have already made their way there to help get it ready for the Campers this summer.  Memorial Day weekend was a special time for KFC to spend the weekend there, tools in hand, helping. What a great job all are doing in this area and a special note of appreciation for all the hard work by our camp directors, Bob and Donella.

In the Month of May, KFC has hosted the Gordon Conwell School, which from all reports was a blessing to all who were able to attend.

Also during the month of May, KFC had a special time on morning service to honor our Senior Citizens. A very special program was directed by Kathy Johnson. Members of the congregation participated, sharing thoughts for every Senior. Good job, Kathy and all who helped. The service concluded that Sunday with our State Overseer, Bishop Don Knoblich, ministering the word.

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