Thursday, February 2, 2012

Overseer's Insight: February 2012

Dear Saints:

I pray that all of you had an eventful January, engaging in the 21-day prayer and fasting and with the emphasis on Stewardship Month.  I am hearing of some wonderful reports for Teen Retreat.  It sounds like the classes and ministry of the Word were just what was needed.

Sister Shelly Symonds, Retreat Director, said of the this year’s Retreat, “Our theme of ‘I Am...’ really struck a chord with our campers, even now I read as they make their declarations on Facebook or messages to me about who they are in Christ!”

She reported that there were 56 campers and 26 staff.  In regards to experiences, there were: 10 Saved, 14 Sanctified, and 6 Baptized in the Holy Spirit.   She further reported, “Many of the teens had a revelation of who they are in Christ and what that means for them in their everyday lives!!!!  Thank you Sister Shelly and your superb Staff for an outstanding Retreat!

The month of February will usher in our Adult Retreat at Pacific Beach.  We are excited about what we feel that God has in store for us.  Please keep Bishop Bryan in prayer as he minsters the Word.  Our Retreat Theme is “Designed For God’s Greatness.”  We want all to realize that God has a special plan for each person.  That plan is to be all that God designed for them to be.  When we find that place in Him, we will bring glory and honor unto our Lord.

District Conventions
The month of February ushers in our District Conventions.  The first Convention will be held in the Tacoma Church on February 24th, 2012.   Then the following day on Saturday, February 25th, Washougal/Camas will host the next Convention.  Please come and support your local District Convention.  District Convention is a great place for worship, instruction, and fellowship.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The School of Practical and Advanced Studies is scheduled for three days, March 22-24, 2012 at the New Horizons Church, Washougal, WA.  As you recall, we have had SOPAS I and SOPAS II in  our Region.  SOPAS III will be offered this time and there will be teaching tracts in both English and Spanish.  Please note:  It will not be necessary to have taken SOPAS I or SOPAS II prior to taking SOPAS III.
(Note: There are No Tests, for those who may be apprehensive about attending.)
(For students completing the reading assignments, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded.)

This is a Must School for all Pastors, Ministers, and Aspiring Church Leadership.
Information has been e-mailed to your pastor.  Please ask him or her for a form so that you can register for this School.  You can also go to our church website at and download a SOPAS form there.

Events Calendar for 2012

February 3-5               Adult Retreat - Pacific Beach (Don & Mary Knoblich, Directors)
February 24                 District Convention - Tacoma (Rick Bear, District Overseer)
February 25                 District Convention - Washougal (Franklin Smith, District Overseer)

March 10                     District Convention - Kirkland (Roger Jones, District Overseer)
March 17                     District Convention - Tri-Cities (Franklin Smith, District Overseer)
March 22-24                School of Practical and Advanced Studies (SOPAS III) - Washougal, WA
                                    (English and Spanish Tracks)

April 13-15                  State Ladies Retreat - (Vancouver Red Lion) (Sherry Johnson, Director)
April 20-21                 Youth Convention - Kirkland (Shelly Symonds, Director)
April 27-29                  State Men’s Retreat - White Pass (Franklin Smith, Director)
May 4-5                       Camp Focus/Workday - (Millersylvania) (Bob & Donella Gaines, Coordinators)
May 11-13                   Senior Retreat - Washougal (James Cabales, Director)
May 17-20                   Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary - Kirkland Family Church
                                    (Homelectics, Dr. Padilla)
August 17-19              Washington State Convention - Kennewick

Oct. 25-28                   Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary - Kirkland Family Church
                                    (Theology - Survey II)
“Driven By The Spirit”
Bishop/Dr. Don Knoblich

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