Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March - The Month of Missionary Focus

The economic outlook is gloomy at best.  Our country’s budget is in a state of hyper inflation and incredible unbalance while the politicians admit they have no answers.
 In every challenge there is an opportunity for growth.  In light of our current economic condition let’s look at a few things we might do to demonstrate to our children, our neighbors, and each other that our economics system is not based on printed paper, backed by thin air, but it is based on the tried and timeless promises of provision of our heavenly Father.

Meditate for a moment on the lives of those who have chosen to respond to God’s call, those who have dedicated their lives to responding to the need He has called them to fill.  Think about their concern that their source of support is jeopardized by our disastrous economic condition.  This is our opportunity to let God’s provision for them flow through us.  This is an opportunity to be a vessel of blessing and use this unique time in God’s plan to participate in whatever missionary work the Lord lays on your heart.  If you have not chosen an avenue for giving before now, perhaps this is your chance to begin a flow of blessing from either your excess or in your need.  There may be those among us who have generously supported various causes who are now unable and some generous souls have gone on to be with the Lord.  It is time to examine how the Lord would have you to give.  There is someone praying, "Lord, we trust in you to fill our need." His way to fill that need is through our obedience.

If you have had no interest in missionary support in the past remember that “where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” Mat 6:21   I challenge you to generously give in the area that the Lord lays on your heart or follow the suggestions of your pastor and watch your interest in that endeavor grow; you might even find yourself praying for your chosen cause and that would be the beginning of another flow of blessing to both your prayer focus and to yourself.

Carol Dillard
State Stewardship Director

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